Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Shut down until mid-December

Hi guys

With regret, I'm shutting down until mid-December. I'm heading off on holiday next week and I'm critically short on almost half the Sculpey III colours which makes it almost impossible to run the business properly. You people all want the same thing!!! :)

I've just got off the phone with my supplier who have delayed my latest order because of issues on their end and have also told me that the shipping rate I have been 'enjoying' will increase by about 15% on my next order.

The website has also been causing some measure of grief. I've stripped everything out of there for the meantime until I get back.

If you need anything urgently, I will take orders until Friday (01/11/13) but I'm out of stock in about 10 colours at the moment

Ballerina, Beige, Dusty Rose, Gold, Hot Pink, Lemonade, Sky Blue, Spring Lilac, Sweet Potato, and Yellow.
I'm critically short of Red (4 left)
And I'm down to about 30 white, and 50 black.

Thanks for understanding and I'll be back in about 5 weeks!


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