Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The new office

What I'm working with...

I used to run aSym studio in a spare room which I couldn't really do a lot to. There was a bed in there, a massive chest of drawers and a wardrobe filled with junk. Most of the stock was spread out over a couple of tables and jammed into a re-purposed cd tower.

It's a lot easier now...

the new storage area

the new desk

I've actually just posted my desk to ikeahackers.net. It's a fun site where creative people take a chainsaw to IKEA furniture and post the results.

More auctions are on the way over the weekend. Fimo soft, some Pearl Ex, Sculpey Tools and some clearance auctions of Fimo Puppen, Mold Maker and some other oddities.

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  1. do you put the glasstop on top of the 2x3 expedit shelving or you replace it?