Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Long time between drinks

Hi everyone!

As you've probably seen on Facebook, I've decided to push back eBay. It will be most likely early July. I haven't fully committed just yet. Essentially I'm waiting to move house before I restart.

A couple of updates... three bits of bad news, one bit of good news.

The bad...

I'm cancelling the pricing adjustments that I had planned. The dollar has tanked in a bad way this week and restocking just became 10% more expensive for me. So unfortunately no cuts just yet. But no increases either.

Australia Post have increased the price of postage by around 10-15%, so the structures I had in place before are now under review. I'm trying to keep my $7.50 price point for Flat-Rate, but it means I'm making a loss on postage. Small-Rate will stay the same. Express-Rate will go up to $15. Eeep.

Sculpey have discontinued 4 colours. Copper, French Blue, Lime and Moss. I have sold-out/got rid of Copper, Lime and Moss. I still have about 20 blocks of French Blue in stock. Once those are gone, they're gone.

The good...

Sculpey have introduced 4 new colours. Buried Treasure, Camo, Gentle Plum, Tranquility. I was a little apprehensive about these until I saw them yesterday. They have a dull-metallic dirty look about them covering the shades of yellow, green, purple and blue respectively. I'm an instant fan and hope you will be too. Some orders sent this morning have a few samples to play with. Anyone who makes an order in June will also get some love! I'll get a photo up shortly.



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