Thursday, 28 February 2013

eBay back in business in 1 month!

I've decided to bring forward my eBay return. I'll be back on the 1st of April with a lot of changes! New products, new designs and most importantly... new prices and new postage options!

Sculpey III will stay at $2.50.
Super Sculpey will stay at $20.
Super Sculpey Firm will be LOWER. Was $24 and now $20.
Sculpey Essential Tool Kit will be LOWER. Was $33 and now $30.
Sculpey Bake N Bend kits will RISE to $25, was $24.
Fimo Soft will be LOWER. Was $3.30 and now $3.
Fimo Effect will be LOWER. Was $3.30 and now $3.
Fimo Puppen will be LOWER. Was $24 and now $20. (Clearance)

Sculpey Mold Maker will be $15
Sculpey Ultralight will be $15 (Clearance)
Smooth Cast Resins will be $30 (down from $40)
Smooth Cast Kits will be $80 (down from $110 and $90)
Pearl Ex kits will be $70

I previewed this with the Sculpey III and Fimo last year. That design will be rolled out across all auctions with some slight alterations.

Probably the biggest change from a structural point of view. I used to do most of this, but pricing used to fluctuate. There will be four options...

FLAT-RATE - $7.50
With tracking anywhere in Australia. This is the standard method.

SMALL-RATE - $3.00
Buying one to four little items? Small rate is for you. No tracking.

Overnight in most areas. Bargain for peace of mind.

I will offer this, but I'm still working on the policy. It will mostly be drop-offs within Melbourne CBD and Eastern Suburbs. I won't do pick-ups from my Rowville address, but stay tuned for when I move in May/June.

Friday, 1 February 2013

4 weeks without eBay = broke


I'm not really broke, but it's strange not waking up to the vibration of my phone telling me I have a sale, and then telling me I have money in Paypal.

Anyway, another reason for the update. I'm still 6 weeks at least from going back on to eBay and I wanted to share a couple of things that I've just bought.

This piece of spectacular artwork, the variant cover for JSA Liberty Files: Whistling Skull #1, is by my favourite artist Tony Harris. I've been a long-time collector of original comic art, and Tony Harris covers are my grail pieces. This is probably his finest work that I own and one that is definitely going straight to the pool room! I got it for a relative steal as well. Most of Tony's covers sell for $1000 plus. His Starman covers can go for as much as $5000. (I have two of those that are at the lower end (about $1200 each), but still awesome). This one... $595 delivered. .... Bah ... Genn...

And I also bought something yesterday to inspire me creatively. A toy from Ashley Wood.

This was expensive but not. Ashley Wood figures are usually expensive (around $250+) and sell out extremely quickly. I was lucky to find this one through a toy dealer and got it for $185 delivered.

I don't normally spend much money on myself. My wife is telling me constantly that I need new clothes. But when I do splurge, I go a little nuts on obscure things.