Sunday, 6 January 2013

eBay closure and other things

Sorry this was done with very little notice, but the eBay store is going to be closed for at least the next three months...

Four reasons....

$49.95 per month plus insertion fees of around $2 per auction plus 7.9% on each sale adds up to a lot of money for the volume I sell.

Stock levels
I'm struggling. In a big way. I carry about $5000 worth of stock at any one time, but repeatedly sell out of colours because I need to carry about $20000 worth. White, Black, Tan, Beige, Elephant Grey, Emerald, Red, Red Hot Red. Each of them has been in and out of stock and it currently takes about 3-4 weeks to get them back in. It's not efficient and I need to have a rethink.

eBay's policy on reporting to the tax office (or the tax office demanding records)
I'm a small start-up with very little overhead and pay virtually no tax. I also make virtually no money from this venture. I've never set out to make $$$. I only wanted to enjoy the process. With the stock issues it's become less enjoyable.

It's done, but a couple of tweaks are needed. You all got a preview with the sculpey III and fimo auctions. I want to roll that out permanently


two more reasons...

I need a break
With the stock issues it's becoming a chore to keep up. I've really struggled for the motivation some days. Especially when the things I've needed have been stolen by Fedex.

I'm moving!
Hopefully my new place will be built by April and I'll relaunch on eBay then

For now... BUY FROM THE SITE!!!!!

I'm still going to run the site and sell though it. It will go through a redesign sometime in February, but will be functional. I have found out that the problem some of you experience when trying to check out is caused by ordering quantities that I don't actually have. The system is supposed to tell you it's not in stock, but instead it just refreshes the screen and tells you nothing. Working on that issue.

Anyway, if you have any questions or concerns, drop me a line through the normal channels. All eBay orders have gone out tonight and should arrive mid-week.

Thanks, and I'll be back soon!!!


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