Thursday, 15 November 2012

holidays are over

... and I'm back to work! :(

Lots happening. I had to process almost 30 eBay orders when I arrived back, despite having notes in all the auctions telling people it wouldn't be sent until the 14th. Oh well.

The good news was I got a delivery while I was overseas so I was able to fill all the orders except for one. I've just sent another order for 700 more blocks which should hopefully arrive by the end of next week. And then hopefully I'll have enough to last me until Christmas.

And another good news note is that I have a friend who has just relocated to the US. So I might be able to work out some different shipping options which will hopefully bring the costs down and potentially make the whole process a little smoother.

it's coming! I haven't heard from my design guy for a couple of days but the eBay set up should be complete by Sunday with any luck. Next step will be the website.

new year pricing
still working on this. There are a couple of items that will increase, but I've resolved to keep my main three at the same price. Sculpey III, Super Sculpey and Fimo soft will all stay at the same price. There will be some adjustments to the tools.

stock update
Elephant Grey is out of stock, and there are a couple of colours running quite low. White is a problem again thanks to otekah. :) More arriving next week

Problems everywhere. Missing 6 colours at the moment because another order turned up short. Hopefully will be back to normal with that order.

next order
Friday 23rd November
Sculpey III 57g (300 blocks)
Fimo Soft 56g (400 blocks)
Sculpey Bake n Bend 8pk (10 units)

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