Monday, 22 October 2012

halloween is almost upon us

I'm back!

A couple of updates!

I'm embarking on a complete redesign of my eBay presence and then my website. All of my redesigns should be finished around December (depends on money), but the eBay ones will hopefully be done by the end of next week. I've rediscovered and have awarded my first project to fix my eBay templates. Lots of fun!

new year pricing
eBay increased their store fees to $50 per month (from $20) so I'm trying a few different things to increase exposure and professionalism (see redesign) so I can avoid price rises. We'll have to wait and see.

ebay10 coupon
If you have one of these... PLEASE remember to use it by December 31st. It will never be repeated. NEVER! :)

I'm on leave from the 6th until the 15th of November. Out of the country so no orders placed after the 5th will be shipped until the 16th. My helper is away as well

stock update
really struggling with half a dozen colours but expecting more on Friday. I still have White and Black in stock (which is a win!) but I've run out of Candy Pink, Red, Red Hot Red, Tan and Yellow. 350 assorted colours on the way on Friday and a new order for another 400 sent about 30 minutes ago. Still good with Super Sculpey as sales have slowed right down)

most stuff is running low but about 300 coming in on Friday. At least 10 of each colour which should see me out for the year. The sales have been really encouraging and despite the price increase from eBay, I may be able to make these cheaper very soon.

next order
Friday 26th October (with any luck)
Sculpey III 57g (350 blocks)
Fimo Soft 56g (300 blocks)

Early November
Sculpey III 57g (400 blocks)
Super Sculpey 454g (30 blocks)

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