Sunday, 12 August 2012

difficult day

Happy Olympic After-Glow!

Two things to update today. Both bad. Sorry guys

postage increase
I've had to increase the postage charge on the website and on eBay. I am now doing a flat-rate of $7.50 instead of $6.90. The reason comes down to costs and unfortunately it's becoming difficult to absorb the costs of doing business with Australia Post. Here is what it costs to ship...

$6.50 postage cost for B1 box on
$0.60 for the B1 box (I buy in bulk, normally $1.75 each)
$0.40 approx for paper, tape, ink, bubblewrap etc. It's probably more than that.

I'm sorry. It was either jack up the postage or increase the price of the clay.

fed ex
Vibes of hate-filled nastiness are being sent your way, FedEx!!! I had a shipment coming in from Memphis two weeks ago (part of my 3rd August shipment) and one of the boxes "disappeared". Well, they could see the box, but everything inside was gone. Empty! Still waiting for word on where the items are or what the supplier is going to do to fix the problem. Frustrating! :(

What it means is I'm out of stock on Super Sculpey and a few other items at least for the foreseeable future. I'm hoping to get more in by the middle of next week. Fingers crossed.

More tomorrow!

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