Thursday, 5 July 2012


New colour scheme for a little while. I'm feeling the red at the moment. Mostly because I'm out of stock.

Sculpey III 57g Red
Sculpey III 57g Red Hot Red
Sculpey III 227g Red Hot Red
Fimo 57g Indian Red
Fimo 57g Cherry Red
Fimo 57g Raspberry (Close enough)
Premo 57g Cadmium Red
Premo 57g Pomegranate (Trust me, dark red, looks awesome!)

All. Out. Of. Stock.

Sculpey III 57g Deep Red Pearl would like to be sold out too! :)

stock update
There's a new batch of sculpey on the way and more ordered yesterday. Apart from the red problem, most colours are ok. Running low (down to my last 15) on Super Sculpey but should have 100 arriving by the end of the month.

FIMO soft effects will arrive on MONDAY the 9th!!! About 15 different varieties. Reds will be back in stock. I'll also be getting Puppen back in stock for a limited run.

next order
Monday 9th 
- Sculpey III 57g (120 blocks)
- Fimo 57g (240 blocks)
- Super Sculpey Firm (6 blocks)

Monday 16th (approx)
- Sculpey III 57 (350 blocks)
- Fimo 57g (100 blocks)
- Puppen 500g (15 blocks)
Video is at a standstill, but the update homepage will give some more clues about what I'm up to...

Stable! No price rises! Still trying to work out a cheaper way to import but happy for now!

yeah, sort of. Over the next few weeks I'm going to tweak a few things. I've given up with my web-designer guy after an order crashed the site a couple of days ago. It was a big order! LOL.

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