Monday, 14 May 2012


The last batch of stock I'll be getting for about 2 months arrived yesterday to much fanfare. We had a street parade! There were kids running around with streamers and balloons and confused expressions, Fed Ex guys wearing way too many sequins dancing in a conga line. And singer Reece Mastin turned up (he turns up to everything lately)... a fun time was had by all.


stock update
White and Black are back in stock. 40 of each. (39 now, just sold one of each!) Get in while they're hot! Still have good levels of Super Sculpey Regular and Firm. Pluffy is up for auction to clear. A couple of 454g blocks of premo will be on clearance next week

Have sold FIMO Classic in bulk to clear. Great bargain there. Strangely, FIMO Soft is now selling well enough now to keep on as a regular line. So much so that I'll be increasing the range on those in July to include the 'effect' range. The soft kits for kids are up for auction to clear.

Next week I'll be launching the casting gear on eBay to see if I can get some nibbles. But it will be cheaper buying direct from

next order
as alluded to earlier, there will be nothing more coming in until July. I'm trying to buy a house. More on that next week *fingers crossed* Once I increase the fimo range, I'll be focusing on getting premo up to the levels of sculpey III. Just need to get pricing sorted and hopefully the dollar recovers. C'mon Greeks! Pull your finger out and stop ruining everything. LOL.
I'm still cobbling together my first video. Kind of tricky to wrap my head around, and my photoshop drawing skills are atrocious!

Got asked this the other day, and thought it'd be better to respond here. The falling Aussie dollar will not have any affect on my pricing for the short term. If it is solid above 98, I'll keep things the way they are. But if it dips below 95, then I'll have to reassess. Even in the worst case scenario, nothing will change until July/August.

That's all for now. Thanks!

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