Tuesday, 17 April 2012



Quarantine are holding up almost 600 blocks of Sculpey III and I'm now out of stock of Gold, Just Orange, Yellow and things are looking perilous for White again. It's very vexing!

But everything else is ramping up considerably over the next 24 hours...

This is the reason I started aSym. It wasn't meant to be a clay business, but a work space for my artistic endeavours. It's going to evolve over the next 6 months and you can follow what I'm up to. I hope the idea I have sparking in my mind can find physical form in that time.

photo update
There's about 100 products on the website without a photo, and that's changing. Every single product is going to have a legitimate photo. No basic colour samples.

bad sale
No one wants pluffy?! You've all made pluffy very sad! :(
There are five big CLEARANCE sales coming up. Pluffy is going to be a part of it. Plus I've got a truckload of FIMO that I'm going to get rid of. It's going to be sold in BULK ONLY. And it's going to be INSANELY CHEAP. I'm actually going to take a loss on it to move it out of the house. These will be on eBay starting Anzac Day and running for 10 days ONLY.

I've sold a couple of blocks of CLASSIC and absolutely nothing in the SOFT. It's a little perplexing considering Riot! does these at $4.75 and I'm coming in at $3.30. If I could make it cheaper I would, but I'll be honest, I make about 30 cents on each one sold at $3.30 after eBay and PayPal get their cut. I wanted to make it $3 a block. But anyway, check out the clearance next week. Massive loss for me, but massive gain for someone!

And I'm going to concentrate on old faithful. When customs get their act together I'll be restocked and ready to go.

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