Saturday, 25 February 2012


We're finally LIVE!!!

It's taken a while to get to this point and there's still some changes to be finalised, but it's starting to feel like a proper web space now.

AND I'm making sales! *eep*

That's really unexpected but thank you so much to the people who have looked around and sent enquiries and purchased! *eep again*  It means a lot. I'm slowly building up my product range and trying to work out a way to keep certain items in stock (that means YOU! sculpey III 57g white and black!). I appreciate everyone's patience while I'm going through some teething problems. Eventually this place will be a well-oiled machine! And with any luck I can stop paying eBay fees and pass on as much savings as I can to you.

And that's really the point of aSym. I'm not here to make lots of money (or lose lots for that matter). I just care about a hobby that I love and I'm horrified by the way Australian retail stores exploit shoppers with insane pricing. For example, Super Sculpey 454g, my number one seller and currently $18 (with LAUNCH10 coupon)...

Riot! Art & Craft AUD$39.95

Recommended US retail AUD$14.20 (USD14.95)

So the extra $25.75 is needed for what exactly?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Buy lots!


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