Thursday, 15 November 2012

holidays are over

... and I'm back to work! :(

Lots happening. I had to process almost 30 eBay orders when I arrived back, despite having notes in all the auctions telling people it wouldn't be sent until the 14th. Oh well.

The good news was I got a delivery while I was overseas so I was able to fill all the orders except for one. I've just sent another order for 700 more blocks which should hopefully arrive by the end of next week. And then hopefully I'll have enough to last me until Christmas.

And another good news note is that I have a friend who has just relocated to the US. So I might be able to work out some different shipping options which will hopefully bring the costs down and potentially make the whole process a little smoother.

it's coming! I haven't heard from my design guy for a couple of days but the eBay set up should be complete by Sunday with any luck. Next step will be the website.

new year pricing
still working on this. There are a couple of items that will increase, but I've resolved to keep my main three at the same price. Sculpey III, Super Sculpey and Fimo soft will all stay at the same price. There will be some adjustments to the tools.

stock update
Elephant Grey is out of stock, and there are a couple of colours running quite low. White is a problem again thanks to otekah. :) More arriving next week

Problems everywhere. Missing 6 colours at the moment because another order turned up short. Hopefully will be back to normal with that order.

next order
Friday 23rd November
Sculpey III 57g (300 blocks)
Fimo Soft 56g (400 blocks)
Sculpey Bake n Bend 8pk (10 units)

Monday, 22 October 2012

halloween is almost upon us

I'm back!

A couple of updates!

I'm embarking on a complete redesign of my eBay presence and then my website. All of my redesigns should be finished around December (depends on money), but the eBay ones will hopefully be done by the end of next week. I've rediscovered and have awarded my first project to fix my eBay templates. Lots of fun!

new year pricing
eBay increased their store fees to $50 per month (from $20) so I'm trying a few different things to increase exposure and professionalism (see redesign) so I can avoid price rises. We'll have to wait and see.

ebay10 coupon
If you have one of these... PLEASE remember to use it by December 31st. It will never be repeated. NEVER! :)

I'm on leave from the 6th until the 15th of November. Out of the country so no orders placed after the 5th will be shipped until the 16th. My helper is away as well

stock update
really struggling with half a dozen colours but expecting more on Friday. I still have White and Black in stock (which is a win!) but I've run out of Candy Pink, Red, Red Hot Red, Tan and Yellow. 350 assorted colours on the way on Friday and a new order for another 400 sent about 30 minutes ago. Still good with Super Sculpey as sales have slowed right down)

most stuff is running low but about 300 coming in on Friday. At least 10 of each colour which should see me out for the year. The sales have been really encouraging and despite the price increase from eBay, I may be able to make these cheaper very soon.

next order
Friday 26th October (with any luck)
Sculpey III 57g (350 blocks)
Fimo Soft 56g (300 blocks)

Early November
Sculpey III 57g (400 blocks)
Super Sculpey 454g (30 blocks)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

difficult day

Happy Olympic After-Glow!

Two things to update today. Both bad. Sorry guys

postage increase
I've had to increase the postage charge on the website and on eBay. I am now doing a flat-rate of $7.50 instead of $6.90. The reason comes down to costs and unfortunately it's becoming difficult to absorb the costs of doing business with Australia Post. Here is what it costs to ship...

$6.50 postage cost for B1 box on
$0.60 for the B1 box (I buy in bulk, normally $1.75 each)
$0.40 approx for paper, tape, ink, bubblewrap etc. It's probably more than that.

I'm sorry. It was either jack up the postage or increase the price of the clay.

fed ex
Vibes of hate-filled nastiness are being sent your way, FedEx!!! I had a shipment coming in from Memphis two weeks ago (part of my 3rd August shipment) and one of the boxes "disappeared". Well, they could see the box, but everything inside was gone. Empty! Still waiting for word on where the items are or what the supplier is going to do to fix the problem. Frustrating! :(

What it means is I'm out of stock on Super Sculpey and a few other items at least for the foreseeable future. I'm hoping to get more in by the middle of next week. Fingers crossed.

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

free stuff!


I'm putting an emphasis on blogger this month to keep everyone updated. Everything is still crazy and stock is moving faster than I can keep up with. I plan to be in front by late September, but we'll see what happens

stock update
Still running into issues with Super Sculpey (which sold out on the 29th of July again!) and with Sculpey III White. A couple of colours are running low as well. I have a shipment arriving on the 3rd and hopefully that will hold me over until the 24th. I should be receiving around 60 blocks of Super Sculpey and 400 blocks of Sculpey III then. That should last around 2 months.

Puppen is in! A new eBay auction will be up tonight and the new 'effect' colours will be added to the current 'soft' range'. 17 new colours in all.

next order
Friday 3rd August
Sculpey III 57g (300 blocks)
Fimo Soft 56g (70 blocks)
Super Sculpey 454g (30 blocks)
Sculpey Bake n Bend 8pc (4 units)

Friday 22nd August
Sculpey III 57g (400 blocks)
Super Sculpey 454g (60 blocks)

And what about the free stuff?!

Make any order through for the month of August and I'll throw in some freebies. If you buy Sculpey, it'll be something sculpey... if you buy Fimo, it'll be something Fimo... if you buy everything, I'll be out of stock again! :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

a week is a long time...

Well, it's been 10 days since the last post. And things have gotten somewhat crazy...

stock update
Massive problems. I've sold nearly 500 blocks since the last post. 5.. 0.. 0.. Simply crazy numbers. I'm also out of stock of Super Sculpey. I had to send a rush order of 36 to cover and I've sold 28 of those to pre-orders.

Everything is back in stock and there'll be new colours emerging on eBay by Tuesday. Puppen still on the way

next order
Friday 20th (approx)
Sculpey III 57g (350 blocks)
Fimo Soft 57g (100 blocks)
Fimo Puppen (15 blocks)
This one has been delayed out of the warehouse in the US. Annoying. I'll get angry if customs hold this one up!

Friday 20th (approx)
Super Sculpey 454g (36 blocks)
Sculpey starter tool kits (6 units)
Added to cope with demand.

There'll be a further order, probably another 50 blocks of Super Sculpey, both blush and firm, and another 300-400 blocks of Sculpey III. That I'll organise sometime next week. Just need to hold on for a few more days.

Thursday, 5 July 2012


New colour scheme for a little while. I'm feeling the red at the moment. Mostly because I'm out of stock.

Sculpey III 57g Red
Sculpey III 57g Red Hot Red
Sculpey III 227g Red Hot Red
Fimo 57g Indian Red
Fimo 57g Cherry Red
Fimo 57g Raspberry (Close enough)
Premo 57g Cadmium Red
Premo 57g Pomegranate (Trust me, dark red, looks awesome!)

All. Out. Of. Stock.

Sculpey III 57g Deep Red Pearl would like to be sold out too! :)

stock update
There's a new batch of sculpey on the way and more ordered yesterday. Apart from the red problem, most colours are ok. Running low (down to my last 15) on Super Sculpey but should have 100 arriving by the end of the month.

FIMO soft effects will arrive on MONDAY the 9th!!! About 15 different varieties. Reds will be back in stock. I'll also be getting Puppen back in stock for a limited run.

next order
Monday 9th 
- Sculpey III 57g (120 blocks)
- Fimo 57g (240 blocks)
- Super Sculpey Firm (6 blocks)

Monday 16th (approx)
- Sculpey III 57 (350 blocks)
- Fimo 57g (100 blocks)
- Puppen 500g (15 blocks)
Video is at a standstill, but the update homepage will give some more clues about what I'm up to...

Stable! No price rises! Still trying to work out a cheaper way to import but happy for now!

yeah, sort of. Over the next few weeks I'm going to tweak a few things. I've given up with my web-designer guy after an order crashed the site a couple of days ago. It was a big order! LOL.

Monday, 14 May 2012


The last batch of stock I'll be getting for about 2 months arrived yesterday to much fanfare. We had a street parade! There were kids running around with streamers and balloons and confused expressions, Fed Ex guys wearing way too many sequins dancing in a conga line. And singer Reece Mastin turned up (he turns up to everything lately)... a fun time was had by all.


stock update
White and Black are back in stock. 40 of each. (39 now, just sold one of each!) Get in while they're hot! Still have good levels of Super Sculpey Regular and Firm. Pluffy is up for auction to clear. A couple of 454g blocks of premo will be on clearance next week

Have sold FIMO Classic in bulk to clear. Great bargain there. Strangely, FIMO Soft is now selling well enough now to keep on as a regular line. So much so that I'll be increasing the range on those in July to include the 'effect' range. The soft kits for kids are up for auction to clear.

Next week I'll be launching the casting gear on eBay to see if I can get some nibbles. But it will be cheaper buying direct from

next order
as alluded to earlier, there will be nothing more coming in until July. I'm trying to buy a house. More on that next week *fingers crossed* Once I increase the fimo range, I'll be focusing on getting premo up to the levels of sculpey III. Just need to get pricing sorted and hopefully the dollar recovers. C'mon Greeks! Pull your finger out and stop ruining everything. LOL.
I'm still cobbling together my first video. Kind of tricky to wrap my head around, and my photoshop drawing skills are atrocious!

Got asked this the other day, and thought it'd be better to respond here. The falling Aussie dollar will not have any affect on my pricing for the short term. If it is solid above 98, I'll keep things the way they are. But if it dips below 95, then I'll have to reassess. Even in the worst case scenario, nothing will change until July/August.

That's all for now. Thanks!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012



Quarantine are holding up almost 600 blocks of Sculpey III and I'm now out of stock of Gold, Just Orange, Yellow and things are looking perilous for White again. It's very vexing!

But everything else is ramping up considerably over the next 24 hours...
This is the reason I started aSym. It wasn't meant to be a clay business, but a work space for my artistic endeavours. It's going to evolve over the next 6 months and you can follow what I'm up to. I hope the idea I have sparking in my mind can find physical form in that time.

photo update
There's about 100 products on the website without a photo, and that's changing. Every single product is going to have a legitimate photo. No basic colour samples.

bad sale
No one wants pluffy?! You've all made pluffy very sad! :(
There are five big CLEARANCE sales coming up. Pluffy is going to be a part of it. Plus I've got a truckload of FIMO that I'm going to get rid of. It's going to be sold in BULK ONLY. And it's going to be INSANELY CHEAP. I'm actually going to take a loss on it to move it out of the house. These will be on eBay starting Anzac Day and running for 10 days ONLY.

I've sold a couple of blocks of CLASSIC and absolutely nothing in the SOFT. It's a little perplexing considering Riot! does these at $4.75 and I'm coming in at $3.30. If I could make it cheaper I would, but I'll be honest, I make about 30 cents on each one sold at $3.30 after eBay and PayPal get their cut. I wanted to make it $3 a block. But anyway, check out the clearance next week. Massive loss for me, but massive gain for someone!

And I'm going to concentrate on old faithful. When customs get their act together I'll be restocked and ready to go.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

72 hours to go!

There's a little under 72 hours left in the sale. Overall I think it's been succesful, considering I haven't really promoted the launch in any way, shape, or form. It's a massive learning curve for me and things will hopefully get better as the site evolves.

I did get some new stock in yesterday, which is exciting! Stocked up on some old favourites and picked up a couple of new lines. I have a good sampling of Pearl Ex powders now, more casting starter kits, OOMOO!, and a variety of sculpey tools. And with a massive order due to arrive on Monday, I will *almost* be happy with the range I'm carrying.

It will take a couple of days to get all the new stock loaded into the system. It might not make it in time for the LAUNCH sale. But I'll make it up to you with great prices anyway.

Thanks for your support!


Saturday, 25 February 2012


We're finally LIVE!!!

It's taken a while to get to this point and there's still some changes to be finalised, but it's starting to feel like a proper web space now.

AND I'm making sales! *eep*

That's really unexpected but thank you so much to the people who have looked around and sent enquiries and purchased! *eep again*  It means a lot. I'm slowly building up my product range and trying to work out a way to keep certain items in stock (that means YOU! sculpey III 57g white and black!). I appreciate everyone's patience while I'm going through some teething problems. Eventually this place will be a well-oiled machine! And with any luck I can stop paying eBay fees and pass on as much savings as I can to you.

And that's really the point of aSym. I'm not here to make lots of money (or lose lots for that matter). I just care about a hobby that I love and I'm horrified by the way Australian retail stores exploit shoppers with insane pricing. For example, Super Sculpey 454g, my number one seller and currently $18 (with LAUNCH10 coupon)...

Riot! Art & Craft AUD$39.95

Recommended US retail AUD$14.20 (USD14.95)

So the extra $25.75 is needed for what exactly?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Buy lots!