Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Shut down until mid-December

Hi guys

With regret, I'm shutting down until mid-December. I'm heading off on holiday next week and I'm critically short on almost half the Sculpey III colours which makes it almost impossible to run the business properly. You people all want the same thing!!! :)

I've just got off the phone with my supplier who have delayed my latest order because of issues on their end and have also told me that the shipping rate I have been 'enjoying' will increase by about 15% on my next order.

The website has also been causing some measure of grief. I've stripped everything out of there for the meantime until I get back.

If you need anything urgently, I will take orders until Friday (01/11/13) but I'm out of stock in about 10 colours at the moment

Ballerina, Beige, Dusty Rose, Gold, Hot Pink, Lemonade, Sky Blue, Spring Lilac, Sweet Potato, and Yellow.
I'm critically short of Red (4 left)
And I'm down to about 30 white, and 50 black.

Thanks for understanding and I'll be back in about 5 weeks!


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The new office

What I'm working with...

I used to run aSym studio in a spare room which I couldn't really do a lot to. There was a bed in there, a massive chest of drawers and a wardrobe filled with junk. Most of the stock was spread out over a couple of tables and jammed into a re-purposed cd tower.

It's a lot easier now...

the new storage area

the new desk

I've actually just posted my desk to It's a fun site where creative people take a chainsaw to IKEA furniture and post the results.

More auctions are on the way over the weekend. Fimo soft, some Pearl Ex, Sculpey Tools and some clearance auctions of Fimo Puppen, Mold Maker and some other oddities.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Back on eBay!

Just a quick post while I remember and while I'm still motivated... :)

I'm back on eBay today!

They're there somewhere anyway.

I'm also running my first auction in quite a while. Massive clearance of stock to get through. Going to list a new one each day for the next week or so.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Long time between drinks

Hi everyone!

As you've probably seen on Facebook, I've decided to push back eBay. It will be most likely early July. I haven't fully committed just yet. Essentially I'm waiting to move house before I restart.

A couple of updates... three bits of bad news, one bit of good news.

The bad...

I'm cancelling the pricing adjustments that I had planned. The dollar has tanked in a bad way this week and restocking just became 10% more expensive for me. So unfortunately no cuts just yet. But no increases either.

Australia Post have increased the price of postage by around 10-15%, so the structures I had in place before are now under review. I'm trying to keep my $7.50 price point for Flat-Rate, but it means I'm making a loss on postage. Small-Rate will stay the same. Express-Rate will go up to $15. Eeep.

Sculpey have discontinued 4 colours. Copper, French Blue, Lime and Moss. I have sold-out/got rid of Copper, Lime and Moss. I still have about 20 blocks of French Blue in stock. Once those are gone, they're gone.

The good...

Sculpey have introduced 4 new colours. Buried Treasure, Camo, Gentle Plum, Tranquility. I was a little apprehensive about these until I saw them yesterday. They have a dull-metallic dirty look about them covering the shades of yellow, green, purple and blue respectively. I'm an instant fan and hope you will be too. Some orders sent this morning have a few samples to play with. Anyone who makes an order in June will also get some love! I'll get a photo up shortly.



Thursday, 28 February 2013

eBay back in business in 1 month!

I've decided to bring forward my eBay return. I'll be back on the 1st of April with a lot of changes! New products, new designs and most importantly... new prices and new postage options!

Sculpey III will stay at $2.50.
Super Sculpey will stay at $20.
Super Sculpey Firm will be LOWER. Was $24 and now $20.
Sculpey Essential Tool Kit will be LOWER. Was $33 and now $30.
Sculpey Bake N Bend kits will RISE to $25, was $24.
Fimo Soft will be LOWER. Was $3.30 and now $3.
Fimo Effect will be LOWER. Was $3.30 and now $3.
Fimo Puppen will be LOWER. Was $24 and now $20. (Clearance)

Sculpey Mold Maker will be $15
Sculpey Ultralight will be $15 (Clearance)
Smooth Cast Resins will be $30 (down from $40)
Smooth Cast Kits will be $80 (down from $110 and $90)
Pearl Ex kits will be $70

I previewed this with the Sculpey III and Fimo last year. That design will be rolled out across all auctions with some slight alterations.

Probably the biggest change from a structural point of view. I used to do most of this, but pricing used to fluctuate. There will be four options...

FLAT-RATE - $7.50
With tracking anywhere in Australia. This is the standard method.

SMALL-RATE - $3.00
Buying one to four little items? Small rate is for you. No tracking.

Overnight in most areas. Bargain for peace of mind.

I will offer this, but I'm still working on the policy. It will mostly be drop-offs within Melbourne CBD and Eastern Suburbs. I won't do pick-ups from my Rowville address, but stay tuned for when I move in May/June.

Friday, 1 February 2013

4 weeks without eBay = broke


I'm not really broke, but it's strange not waking up to the vibration of my phone telling me I have a sale, and then telling me I have money in Paypal.

Anyway, another reason for the update. I'm still 6 weeks at least from going back on to eBay and I wanted to share a couple of things that I've just bought.

This piece of spectacular artwork, the variant cover for JSA Liberty Files: Whistling Skull #1, is by my favourite artist Tony Harris. I've been a long-time collector of original comic art, and Tony Harris covers are my grail pieces. This is probably his finest work that I own and one that is definitely going straight to the pool room! I got it for a relative steal as well. Most of Tony's covers sell for $1000 plus. His Starman covers can go for as much as $5000. (I have two of those that are at the lower end (about $1200 each), but still awesome). This one... $595 delivered. .... Bah ... Genn...

And I also bought something yesterday to inspire me creatively. A toy from Ashley Wood.

This was expensive but not. Ashley Wood figures are usually expensive (around $250+) and sell out extremely quickly. I was lucky to find this one through a toy dealer and got it for $185 delivered.

I don't normally spend much money on myself. My wife is telling me constantly that I need new clothes. But when I do splurge, I go a little nuts on obscure things.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

eBay closure and other things

Sorry this was done with very little notice, but the eBay store is going to be closed for at least the next three months...

Four reasons....

$49.95 per month plus insertion fees of around $2 per auction plus 7.9% on each sale adds up to a lot of money for the volume I sell.

Stock levels
I'm struggling. In a big way. I carry about $5000 worth of stock at any one time, but repeatedly sell out of colours because I need to carry about $20000 worth. White, Black, Tan, Beige, Elephant Grey, Emerald, Red, Red Hot Red. Each of them has been in and out of stock and it currently takes about 3-4 weeks to get them back in. It's not efficient and I need to have a rethink.

eBay's policy on reporting to the tax office (or the tax office demanding records)
I'm a small start-up with very little overhead and pay virtually no tax. I also make virtually no money from this venture. I've never set out to make $$$. I only wanted to enjoy the process. With the stock issues it's become less enjoyable.

It's done, but a couple of tweaks are needed. You all got a preview with the sculpey III and fimo auctions. I want to roll that out permanently


two more reasons...

I need a break
With the stock issues it's becoming a chore to keep up. I've really struggled for the motivation some days. Especially when the things I've needed have been stolen by Fedex.

I'm moving!
Hopefully my new place will be built by April and I'll relaunch on eBay then

For now... BUY FROM THE SITE!!!!!

I'm still going to run the site and sell though it. It will go through a redesign sometime in February, but will be functional. I have found out that the problem some of you experience when trying to check out is caused by ordering quantities that I don't actually have. The system is supposed to tell you it's not in stock, but instead it just refreshes the screen and tells you nothing. Working on that issue.

Anyway, if you have any questions or concerns, drop me a line through the normal channels. All eBay orders have gone out tonight and should arrive mid-week.

Thanks, and I'll be back soon!!!